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April 7, 2018
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Leaving People Alone – But Not Lonely

Leaving People Alone – But Not Lonely

I was enjoying myself this morning, just puttering around the Sanguinarius Community Center in Second Life, where I am the official Librarian (if you use Second Life, be sure to look us up and drop by) when something crossed my desk that kind of horrified me.

Take a good look, my GVC friends, and I expect you’ll see the issue.

I’ve never understood why people feel the need to bash other community people based on their belief systems or their way of self identifying. Each of us has our own way that we deal with life and the world around us. And if you are a denizen of the Global Vampire Community, which is made up of various types of Vampires, Therians, Fae, Otherkin etc then the chances are you have your own matrix of beliefs that make up your personal identity. We are all different, its what brings us together into this vast and varied community in the first place.

Every once in a while someone pops up in the VC who feels that THEIR way is the ONLY way, and in spite of the fact that they probably have their own personal way of identifying, they strongly believe that their way of identifying is the only legitimate one. That is exactly what we have here. A person, who for whatever reason, has decided that only their type of Vampire is real and the rest of the community is deluded. Forget the fact that the person who created the link above considers themselves a Vampire and who, along with their partner, is a Vampire who drinks large quantities of blood, thus they live in their own matrix of beliefs, but feel free to bash everyone else’s beliefs to the point of calling others deluded. Pot, meet Kettle.

There is nothing about “Spooky” that is any more rational or well educated than anyone else in the community. This is just another person who, like many who have come before her (Hogg being a good example, but certainly not the only one) who thinks they know what is best and what is real for EVERYONE else in the VC.

Normally I wouldn’t even bother to address this. Its not even new in our community. But in this case Spooky is targeting one group in particularly hard, that being the Med Sang Community. At first glance this would not make much sense, considering Med Sangs ALSO drink the large quantities of blood that Spooky considers necessary to be a “Real Vampire”, but Med Sangs, for the most part, accept that Therians, Weres, Psy Vamps and others are legitimate parts of the VC, which for Spooky is apparently a problem. Thus her attacks on Alexia and others, especially leaders in the Med Sang groups.

My advice:
This is tricky because we are talking about one or two people who are determined to undermine the rest of the community and are attempting to divide the VC to create hostility towards people who are “different” from the dynamics that make up Spooky’s idea of a REAL Vampire and in her opinion everyone else is deluded in a way that should require them to get help… preferably hers.

Spooky (and one of her partners) was responsible for a document earlier this year. At the bottom of this opinion piece is the notepad version of that pdf.. if you have seen the link above and you read the document below, you will have a pretty crystalline picture of Spooky’s views. (at least have a look at the first few paragraphs)

This is the second time Spooky has had a hard shot at the rest of the community.
I have removed her from my own groups and banned her from my personal accounts.
In my opinion, the best way to deal with disruptive, morally corrupt people like this is to put them on ignore, and refuse to allow myself to be used to further their agenda. If we, as a community say NO to this type of bullshit and turn it OFF, we deprive them of an audience and we especially deprive them of people to abuse.

Protect your friends, protect yourself.

Lady CG.

Appendix A:
Spooky’s Document:
Everyone needs to sit down. I am the torch lighter and despite my limitations (that I never complain about) I will attempt to place it into words. English is not my first language and I have a severe learning disability that I fight every time I need to organize thoughts into proper sentences or read. Please just read over the points that I have more than likely taken over an hour to create. With that said I am not a keyboard warrior and would like to schedule maybe a discussion time with the lampreys and leaders concerning the direction of TRC.
Digestion Session: A conversation that is constructive and supportive need to be brought up with the member of the lamprey and leaders about their individual fault, needs and drives.

*** Needs to be completed
** Needs to be Edited
* Final Revision
(Blank) Completed! =^_^=

Addressing the Internal Infrastructure, within ‘The Red Cellar’ for the Support of Sangs
Reflections, Discussion and Future of the MedSang movement
Created by: Spooky & Jamie
Edited by: ‘Name Blanked’

*************************** IF ***************************
This document is to be allowed to be spread to the GVC, please remove any content that is in italics (that is not a famous quote) . Not all content will be received well and the creators of this document do not wish to have the Therians, Otherkin, Mystics and Energy Manipulating Witches having alarming issues with their storytelling identities. There is not enough certified therapists on staff in the GVC to assist in the crisis this document could potentially create.
Please note that throughout the use of this document there will be following terms used:
Psi’s will be referred to as Energy Manipulating Witches, or EMW’s.
Otherkin will also be used as Species Dysphoria.

*************************** Consider ***************************
Not to sugar coat this next paragraph will feel a bit condescending or harsh, but considering the nature of the document it tends to be be worded in a way that is extremely forward and forthcoming.
A lot of the content within this document will incite any number/range of emotions. This is written by friends for friends, with that in mind. Please if you do happen to have an adverse opinion or feeling towards any of the text to come, take the time to review the sentence or paragraph again. Take a walk, think on it and come back with a clear mind. There is more than likely a rational reason as to why that particular piece of information upsets you negatively. You need to be able to understand that it is your feelings and only you can control them. The document is not responsible for your actions, you are the only one in control of your on body, feelings, life, identity and goals.
This document will challenge you.
Remember things always and will fall apart, but only to fall back together back; and a new.

With that being said let’s dig in:

Objective and Initiative
Within the confines of this document and the upcoming discussion we seek to address the current state of the MedSang Movement, and by extension the TRC, and its members. The concerns, challenges, strength and areas of weaknesses in need for improvement that as a group can overcome and grow from.

Table of Contents
Agreeableness ~^ 3
Need for Gratification ^* 3
Validation ~^ 3
Need for the Feelings of Usefulness ^* 3
Medication ~^ 4
Advocating for Medication ~^ 4
Use of Soft Language ~The Powerful Weight of a Word~ ~^ 4
When to be a Social Justice Warrior and when not to be ~^ 4
Support within the Discord Environment ~^ 4
Redirection ~^* 4
Supporting while you are still walking the walk ~^ 4
Liability ~^ 4
The Overall Purpose and Direction of TRC ~^* 4
Past vs Present = Future ~^ 4
Outside Perception ~^ 4
Leadership / Diplomacy ~^ 4
Agreeableness – Need for Gratification – Validation and Need for the Feeling of Usefulness

Agreeableness **
Agreeableness is a quality of what is known as the Big Five personality theory, in brief a person who scores highly in agreeableness demonstrates, a warm personality , is tactful, a friendly demeanor, and express optimistic viewpoints, a team player, and easy to get along with. Contrarily someone low in agreeableness would serve their own needs and be colder, may be more curt and callous in communication, a pessimistic attitude, and struggles getting along with others. Agreeableness is composed of 6 subtraits: 1
In a group environment, the desire to feel that one is doing a good turn, may exist. By in large, this is not a bad thing, save for the unhealthy situation whereas the desire to fulfill the need to embody the above traits overtakes the core focus. It feels good to be Trusted, seen as a moral person, a practitioner of altruistic deeds, one who seeks to help and cooperate with others, yet maintains the modesty to say they don’t do it for any personal gain, and will be quick to lend a shoulder when someone need the sympathetic friend. Sometimes to do the right thing for the whole, one must set limits, even when those limits might make them appear externally as though they are defying the traits they hold sacred, such as refusing to help someone who is abusing their kindness or can be better helped elsewhere.

It also need to be noted the Altruism is a philosophy thoroughly analysed by Ayn Rand, that is strongly believed and proven to not to exist in humans. A good example of this is shown

with the story of the ‘Drowning Piglets’. One would perceive the individual that saves the piglets from drowning as being an true Altruist, but in fact there are several Egoist drives that a person does not actively think about, but act them to prevent negative feels or repercussion in the future. By saving the piglet you could be saving yourself from feeling guilt for letting them drown. You could be doing it to bring up your social standing and praise for saving them. You could also be saving them, because by next year they will food to eat. All of these action from the perceived ‘good’ action are all selfish at the core. This being said when we move through this document please consider how what you perceive as helpful or a selfless act and internalize why and what you are gaining from your actions.

Need for Gratification ***
There is a list of positive and negative reasons why people seek out gratification. Here are a few to consider and we will break them down for an indepth look at a few of them, Anticipation, Desire to Avoid Delay, Uncertainty, Age, Imagination, Cognitive Capacity, Poverty/Wealth, Impulsiveness, Emotion Regulation/Irregulation.Understanding the type of gratification you are seeking is extremely important in social situations and imperative that leaders know how this element is impacting their choices.

Anticipation: Almost everyone loves the gratification with foreseeable good outcomes in the future and avidly attempts to avoid negative events.

Desire to Avoid Delay:
Cognitive Capacity:
Poverty or Wealth:
Emotion Regulation & Irregulation:

Validation **
As no one is truly a mind reader, or able to see into another spiritually and see their feelings, because of this humans have developed a sophisticated means by which to interpret and connect with another person’s feelings in other ways. Validation is one such skill. “Validation is the recognition and acceptance of another person’s thoughts,feelings, sensations, and behaviors as understandable. Self-validation is the recognition and acceptance of your own thoughts, feelings, sensations and behaviors as understandable.” 1
As emotions are complex Marsha Linehan, Ph.D. defined 6 distinct levels of validation

Being Present- When you share an experience with someone, for example, by holding their hand through a situation, or simply being there for them, this contact, or close connection shows you gave someone your attention.

Accurate Reflection – This is the expression of a feeling that can be from the person feeling it, or from someone empathizing with another. For example “I was really disappointed I didn’t get the job”, or from another “You must be feeling really down, you worked hard to get that job”. The purpose of this is to differentiate thoughts and emotions from one another.

Mindreading – Despite its name, this is not actual mind reading, rather it is when a person interprets the body language, context, words, and other hints to make a determination of how someone else feels. It is a bit different than accurate reflection, because the other person was not there to experience the emotionally impactful event with the other, and/or the person feeling the emotion is masking their feelings, hiding how they feel. This is more of a guess as empathy, making an assessment of the person and remarking on how they may feel.

Historical/Biological Understanding of Behaviour – In some cases if the history of someone is known, there is a fair chance past experiences may lend clues to how a person may behave. An example of this may be “When the boat started rocking you must have been terrified” when said to a person who you knew nearly drowned years ago. Using knowledge of their past suggests they might be afraid of a similar danger in the present.

Normalizing Emotions – This is remarking on a common-sense emotive state. For example “You must be nervous, I believe you got this!” before someone takes a big exam. It is reasonable that someone might be nervous prior to a test without needing to know extraneous information about someone.

Radical Genuineness – When you have a deep, personal, and highly detailed understanding exactly how someone feels. This is an infrequent situation because it requires a near identical experience and context. A situation where his might occur might be in the event you experienced a close loved one die from cancer, and your friend is now going through it too, you might note the similarities, and know they might be feeling the same set of emotive states you experienced. In this case it is possible you could validate their emotions from a first hand point of view.
Validation is a connection, a way to empathise with another. Knowing which type and the contexts may help better, and more accurately connect you with someone in need. Of course we need this too, we need to feel some validation that our feelings have merit, its natural. In support environment that emotional connection, weather to make them feel better or to help you confirm an emotional state of another, are extremely important.…/understanding-validation-…

One could say that sangs might feel they have a Level 4: Historical / Biological Understanding of Behavior when it comes to how they feel when someone else is suffer or has gone without blood. Recalling one’s own experiences, and seeing another suffer a very similar situation.
Need for the Feeling of Usefulness ***

Medication – Advocating for Medication

Medication **
It appears the use of prescription drugs is widespread within the TRC. While there are conditions where medication is used to manage the symptoms legitimately, the sheer quantity of drugs, used amongst members is alarming. Furthermore the majority of members live in the US, where pharmaceutical companies advertise their products on television just like Coca-Cola, encouraging the general public to request drugs by name. Conversations within the TRC have oft resembled kids comparing their baseball card collections, instead only comparing drugs and symptoms. The sheer ubiquitous presence of drug use within the space, suggests there might be symptoms and issues and side effects that are aggravating or contributing to the illusionary inclination of a blood need. While not always the case, it cannot be ruled out.
Also, blood is not a medication and should not be suggested as such. Comparing it to a nutritional supplement is a healthy way of approaching the topic.

Advocating for Medication **
It is a dangerous endeavor to promote a medication. It is fine to say that your medication helps you for this or that reason, but at no point should you be suggesting or advocating medication to another member. You do not know their medical or mental history, you are not a doctor or pharmacist. What works for one does not work for all. Also as much as you believe you know a person online, or in person. You are not aware of what they are experience inside themselves, and what limits they will go through to relieve themself of said symptoms. The people you consider friends could all of a sudden stop appearing online and you will have no way of knowing that your suggestion as lead them to be hospitalized.

If you do not believe in the power of suggestive behavior, we will use an true example that happened within TRC. It only took one person talking and sharing a photo of their Huel cup. Before long several members had purchased and were ingesting the Huel product.

Use of Soft Language

When to be a Social Justice Warrior and When not to be.

Use of Soft Language **
Problems with soft language is that it fakes the truth. It is an attempt to soften something that people refuse to accept as absolute truths and coat it to say the same thing with a pleasant sounding diction.
“Political Language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.” ~ George Orwell.

Soft language is used in mainly address to facets of social gains. One is for severe political or economical gain, and the other is to ease an individual’s comforts into accepting a grave truth. A doctor’s bedside talk oft utilizes soft language when explaining to a client about the disturbing mound of cancerous flesh.

What is the problem in TRC concerning soft language?

We have a social phobia around being offensive with our use of words. But less mindful of our actions and their offensive consequence. In an environment that is primary text based and lacking the physical cues that an average conversation would have, we run in the problem of mixed communication and loss of the desired intent. At first glance/read a sentence can appear to have unintended malice, which has been proven to jump started extremist social justice worker to reap down on people as if they were righteous angels dismembering the wicked.

Healthy ways to prevent yourself from falling for this disemboweling behaviour towards others, is to ask questions before your make the first cut. Questions can be as simple as, “I do not think I understand you?”, or “Could you reword or rephrase?” You may also make statements similar to this: “It read to me that you enjoy carnage? “Do I understand your intent?”. They may say, “Yes, I love sundering people.” At this point you might be inclined to pull out your social justice angel sword and create a new orifice into random on their body of text. Careful now, when you do this, you have just become what you hold in contempt, and just as guilty.
This is where we need to start discussing ‘The Powerful Weight of Words’. As well all know a large collection of words in the English language have become taboo or considered politically incorrect. The only reasons these words have been placed in rubbish bins, stems from peoples lack of understanding the illusion of power, control or lack thereof. Here is a beautiful example that all lamprey can understand. The word “Woo.” Woo is used by the Med-Sangs to describe those that they find lack the internal tenacity to obtain rational thought, which in a way is calling them blissfully ignorant people that enjoy chasing stardust and licking rainbows. Similarly the word ‘Canuck’ has been used as far back as 1835 by Americans to describe Canadians in a degrotory fashion. It is assumed that this term came about, because of the involvement of the Canadians in the War of 1812, when the ‘Canuck’s’ burned down the White House. It’s intent was to make Canadians seem backwoodsy or uncivilized. The word “Canuck,” in the modern world no longer has the same understanding. Canadians are proud to declare themselves “Canucks.” Words like Canuck and Woo are designed to designate inferiority. But owning the words people can reclaim the power that was intended initially be taken from them. Take the NHL Hockey Team the Vancouver Canucks, what was once a word of insult, today a proud brand. This is a real world example of turning a word around. Politics would prefer you to use words in a way that makes people passive and complicit, but letting the words breathe so to speak, allows the opportunity for reclamation, empowering us to own our language, rather than be enslaved by it.

What can be done to help advise/advocate, before railing people that believe in a clean and clear version of words?

Social Justice Warrior ***
Every cause is personal; wherein we charge to war. “Every sperm is sacred!” Every life needs to live. Every voice needs to be heard. Everyone needs to be supported. Everyone needs a blanket. Everyone becomes weak. Everyone – thing has the right to life. Everything will die. We do not have the right to interfere with death. We cannot stop death. We can help support survival till death. Stop you can not stop death.
Support within the Discord Environment- Redirection – Supporting Another, While you are still Walking the Walk – Liability

==== ((Notation for etching by Gustave Doré, but no picture was in the copy I received)) ===

Support within the Discord Environment ***

As human beings with have the capacity and innate desire to empathize with others for a wide variety of reasons. There are two main types of empathy: Cognitive Empathy and Emotional Empathy. The reason this is important to understand is that not everyone is able to use both types of empathy and one can appear as a more cold approach; but both are able to empathize. As for reasons the list is endless, but for the majority of any given situation humans are social creatures and desire on the deepest level for sameness. It is a glue that binds everyone together, because even if we have not experienced something we can imagine what another has undergone.

Key things:
Know what you are supporting in detail. As well as understand those that are in need of redirection from the story-telling they have created for comfort or out of need for an identity.

What is the perceived Purpose of the TRC support as a whole?
To offer the compassionate advice, and support otherwise lacking in the VCN or GVC. By offering rational medically based advice, opposed to recommending energy, magic or alternative treatment strategies
Where is it failing?

Increasing instances of individuals who require support outside the available scope of the TRC has resulted in numerous failures to contain a support situation. The lack of proper support training has resulted in circular non-productive encounters where the problem the individual seeking support suffers was aggravated by improper redirection and coping strategies. This resulted in persistent negative reactions, or the creation of a toxic environment, in many cases the individual being removed only after the damage was done.

In addition, a handful of nameless members ignore criticism and advice, while being ignorant to the damage they are advocating. Wherein generating an environment that that halts any degree of social growth.

It is failing to provide proper support, because of:
– The problems or areas of needed support are escalating past what members can provide.
– None of the members are equipped with the skills necessary to assist or provide responsible and value direction to those in dire crisis.
– The support in TRC is being allowed to churn in on itself like a bermuda triangle

What is wrong in TRC?

Redirection ***
Before I get deep into this section. Redirection is a beautiful, but scary thing that unequivocally cures Species Dysphoria colloquially known as Otherkin. Considering the first line a lot of a lot of the members within our small community will not enjoy what this section talks about and it more than likely the most challenging for people on an individual level.
“Our experience of the world is shaped by our interpretations of it, the stories we tell ourselves, and these stories can often become so distorted and destructive that they completely hinder our ability to live balanced, purposeful, happy lives, so the key to personal transformation is story transformation.” ~Maria Popova

What is the purpose of redirection?

Redirections is a tool used in psychology as an intervention to story-editing. It aims to assist in reshaping of a person’s narratives that they tell themselves. Personal narratives are created for a number of deeply rooted reasons. The majority of the reasons the stories exist are to create some kind of comfort, a search for security in oneself (not to be mistaken for self-esteem), to appoint a unique value towards an event or to apply when dealing with a traumatic event. When it come to the GVC we need to understand a bit of the psychology leading up to how these identities are created and perpetuated. As children we cling together, not in the effort to seek sameness, but rather a more animalistic survival inclination. Someone with spotted skin or any physical identifiers, are shunned instinctively not out of cruelty, but out of an impulsive response for safety from physical ailment. Moving into teenage years the sameness has moved to a more social approach based on interests, but it is at this age that individuals begin heavily applying autonomy to their identity. It makes them unique, and separate from the masses, however in this quest to create identity or an internal view of oneself is not an easy quest, the only references are stories, movies, religion and the people around us. A youth has limited points of reference by which to formulate their view of the world and themself, its this vulnerability this limitation that lends itself to strong acceptance of suggestions provided by their subconscious rational. A rational that is accustomed to storytelling, belief in imagination and fiction holds their hearts in the songs of childhood. If unchecked or challenged they can fall into creating identities that are self-deprecating and centered around esoterism. If the fictional identity is allowed to develop, like a cancer becomes malignant, and spreads, so does this harmful identity, moving from storytelling, to a socially impactful mode of story-promoting. They will being to promote part of their self-perceived identity through applying or finding ideniting element that they see as tangible in the physical body and surroundings. An example of story-promoting is when someone claims they flashed across a room in lighting speed. They are clearly Superman, a vampire or marvel’s The Flash, but in reality they only experienced a dose of adrenalin. If in the wrong environment the rational addition of informing them of the effect of adrenalin, they will perpetuate the story turning into a sea of irrational beliefs, lead-on by naive minds. Redirection is diverging the mind away from the irrational self polluted story-telling, however it needs to be done tactfully. In the same way that general ‘support’ has its dangers, redirection does as well. When using it never do the following:

Do lead the individual away from the conversation into a controversial one.

Use clear and indisputable facts if you are going to propose a counter.

If you take on the front of rationality through facts, be prepared for them to get extremely sensitive and/or defensive. Keep in mind this is the world they live in within their mind and only step into this kind of conversation if you are 100% sure of what you are about to say, because if you mess up they will internalize it as a win for their reality.


How does it work?
What is it used for and how does it help people?
Supporting Another, While you are still Walking the Walk **
Another way to view this frequent situation; because human desire to seek sameness and innate willingness to empathize is similar to a drowning person reaching out a hand to another a few feet deeper. Either both drown, or one crawls out, but nothing constructive comes out of the situation. Another useful expression, is the “blind, leading the blind”. Until you as an individual have completely overcome an element that has crippled your core, and no longer plagues your active life, where no negative impacts, implications or sways to your day are an issue. Only then can you unequivocally provide what worked for you. Please note, that I did not say you can provide support. You can only let someone know your troubled tail. Take caution, you can not let them know tools or methods you used, because in most countries that is considered coercive therapy.

Liability **
TRC is attempting to play doctor for political standing ground within the OVC as well as being overwhelmed by the need to feel useful and inclusive. TRC is playing recklessly with individuals mental and physical health without understand the potential impact. TRC is not a government, or medical office that is equipped with the necessary personnel to handle extremely sensitive issues. Conversations about suicide, substance abuse, mental health and debilitating physical conditions should be done in a clinical office with a doctor or therapist. 100% of the researched support that any member in TRC can provide are all done using the same search engines that are available to everyone globally. Providing authoritative directional support to these people, can have grave legal ramifications.

An example of this, could be a member conversing with another that is in a severe situation in their immediate physical surroundings. If the individual undertakes a grave and terminal decision, in the dead of night, when the legal departments examine the scene, and finds that improper support or direction had been provided to the individual from an community board. How to you believe these so called ‘kind’ actions are going to be received?

When it comes to “supporting” another risk is always a factor. Not just risk for the individual seeks support, but the individual supplying it, and potentially the server and members of that server. This is why in depth “support” needs to be redirected to the proper places, establishments, agencies, and resources not accommodated within the confines of a group that has no on-staff therapists, and is still struggling with its place in the larger community.

One last thing to consider is the confines of the internet and distance between individuals globally. We may be able to communicate instantly across thousands of kilometers, but every country and even state to state, province to province, the laws behind ametur mental healthcare, have different legilation and regulations.

The Overall Purpose and Direction of TRC

~As a Whole and on an Individual Level~

Purpose **
“For people who perceive a physical need to consume blood and those curious about medical sanguinarians. Our focus is scientific inquiry and research into sanguinarianism; as well as advocacy for sanguinarians, including but not limited to, awareness, outreach and support.”

******Request nicely for ‘Name Blanked’ to elaborate further.
Direction **
******Request nicely for ‘Name Blanked’ to elaborate further.
Past vs Present = Future

Past **
Reflecting upon the past year, The MedSang movement, has evolved. In the past MedSang were more reclusive, and private. Facebook, and Media, and of course TRC, Sangunarious, and a few other resources were the principal outlets of the cause. Known for fiery science and fact based debates with the Psi’s, the MedSangs were more infamous than respected by the GVC, and at the time that was OK, MedSangs didn’t want to be a part of the VC, didn’t want to impress the VC, they wanted to show them that they lack of rationality by which the VC’s identity and community are based upon. All the while establishing research and facts to build credibility for Sanguivory through the pragmatic approach.

Present **
The creation of the TRC discord marked the new approach to the public and the establishment of the MedSangs as a quantifiable group. For the first time the doors opened to the general VC, and members of all identifiers got an opportunity to converse and socialize with the MedSangs as never before. The public policy of aggressive debate was softened to foster a more cohesive separate but peaceful relationship with the VC, namely the VCN. The influx of Therians, Otherkin, Energy Manipulating Witches and Mystics that claimed the GVC as home and were cast out from their groups have found a home in TRC that is currently attempting to soften it’s borders, but has allowed the borders to become a tender as wet bread. New cases of people requesting support, the effort to provide that support has been, and continues to be daunting to those that were/are seeking the support from fellow sangs. The range of issues spanned from minor to suicidal, quickly posed a difficult situation where limited qualification and improper environment resulted in inefficient and sometimes hazardous “support” that in some cases aggravated the condition the person suffers from. In addition to ill-executed support efforts, the focus of supporting Sangs became more dilute as EMW and the above mentioned identities were occupying the conversations, while they could be getting their support elsewhere in the appropriate areas. This complicated problem has led to internal tension, hypersensitivity, and quarrels from even innocuous remarks viewed as critical.

Future **
This area is to be filled in with after the voice chat in TRC. Genuine sangs are extremely rare and the future of this ‘home’, ‘space’ or ‘haven’ needs to reflect their wishes and aspirations for the future.
Outside Perception

Outside Perception **
The outside perception of the MedSangs and TRC has shown positive growth over the course of the year. Progression from a reclusive group, whose strong assertive viewpoints where regarded as hostile by many, to a welcoming and all inclusive support group, while internally we have fallen into gross self-deprecating levels. Where the the need to drink blood is regarded as a burdon, something that should be devoid of enjoyment. Also, it is a social environment where prescription drug use and poor health is standard. What has happened to lead up to this drastic change? A vocal conference took place on July 13th 2018 to attempt to address the complaints the OVC had towards the MedSangs, by solving the public relations issues. Since, then the flood doors have opened allowing anyone to enter the home of those who drink blood. Considering a large number of the new members are energy manipulating witches or those that are unsure; opposed to genuine sangs. The general rooms of TRC have been the scarce recipient of any real substance, in regards to support for those that take blood, and more about support for those with crippling illnesses. Soft language has had the leaders avidly attempting to silence any harsh diction choice that could regres the MedSangs PR back towards the hostile attitudes seen in the past. However if we were to imagine a whale as the representation of gall, tenacity and standing point of what is the Med-Sangs. The weight of this whale weighing down on the OVC has created a large impression, however when this whale is asked to swim in a cup of water it quickly starts cracking the walls of the cup. To keep itself with the constructive confines it has resorted to cutting pounds of flesh from the internal infrastructure.

TRC wants credibility about what they claim as their title/identity as a med-sangs; the individuals in a vampire community that claim to have an need to consume blood. However, if an outsider glanced in they would just see a sea of pill popping people addicted to not only medication, but the need to be the most diseased, sickened or mentally unstable. It takes their credibility into the negatives. A rational person would ask them if it is not the medication that would be inducing their ‘symptoms’ or maybe their need comes from there drive to keep a diseased identity going. More than half of TRC complain about any effort required in order to obtain blood. Some members come up with elaborate reasons why they do not take blood, almost to the point that one would say if you have not taken blood in ‘X‘ number of days, weeks, months or even years in some members case, is there really a need for blood? There are hard questions that need to be asked when thinking about these variables, which can be challenging considering it rattles the fabric of what or if sangs have any legitimate claim. It is poisonous mess if both ‘addiction to disease’ and ‘the elaborate reasons’ come out of the OVC. There needs to be a clear distinction between those that, ‘Cut their lip and liked it’ and those that actively take on a regular basis. In saying this that does not mean we are going to be intolerant or elitist around who is more sangs, but a clear definition needs to be established. It is fine clean, clear and simple if you do not take blood regularly you clearly do not have a dire “need” for it. At this point you need to be honest with yourself, and say that you only “want” the experience of drinking blood. With saying this, it is known that it will rattle some members identity that they have self proclaimed off of one experience with a few drops.

Not naming sources, but a recent inquiry was asked to several individuals that are not in the leadership role or in the lamprey room, concerning how TRC is being perceived. The results were extremely almost wordverbatem the points illustrated above. Here are some quotes from the nameless few:
“The Med-Sangs lack the ability to be as rational as they claim.”
“They are quick to case judgement or point the first finger, but are unable to see the four fingers pointing back at them.”
”Med-sangs are a sickly bunch with rocky leadership. Their leaders seem to just want to kiss VCN ass as of late and are taking in some heavy flakes.”

Desired Perception **
I (Spooky) can only speak for what I have disgusted from my interpretations of readings within the group. With that said it appears that the desired intent of TRC is to provide a comfortable place of support to sangs on a general level. On a deeper level it seeks to find sangs and provide a safe haven to converse about sensitive topics and safe methods regarding the globally taboo intake of blood. TRC attempts to achieve this by providing support, answering questions and including uptodate medical documentation on relevant blood topics.

The Med-Sangs wish to be considering legitemt in their quests to find rational and logical reasoning for the long disputed question of, ‘Why is blood needed?’ Considering this document is for the eyes of the leaders of TRC and Lampreys, should we exhaust effort in VCN cesspool? We all know and are aware, that the ‘Energy Manipulating Witches,’ or ‘EMW’s’ enjoy their story-telling identities and are in love with the word ‘Vampire.’ If they want to run with the word vampire and carry it as if it belongs/applies to them. Let them, using the word only has us standing beside them as if we are in the same tall tail boat. I feel using the word Sanguinarians assist in the separation of us from them. Even though keeping them around provides no added benefit, they do provide a smoke screen of creative insanity that keeps us in the dark. The problem is that this smoke screen has possible need members getting lost in translations. We need to define our target audience and how we aim to reach them. Both for new sang members and well as any grounded research endeavors.

Touching on his raw conversation was not able to be achieved on July 13th 2018, because of the space that held the sensitive conversation. The EMW’s have their claws in a lot of places and do not appear to want to let go. If we bring it down to a rootamery imagery. Think of the Med-Sangs and the EMW’s as children fighting over the claim to the same toy. Why fight them when we can just walk away and get a new toy?
IF and WHEN, we got our own toy, how and what would we like to see it shape into?

Leadership / Diplomacy

Leadership ***
As a leader people look up to you naturally and take your words with considerable more than most, which can be a lead to a problems if mindfulness of this fact is not upheld. Our leadership has undergone some change since the flood doors opening, however without an agenda of how to move forward; welcoming individuals of all flavours, while still being able to support sangs, as the original intent, has been lost. The leaders have been repurposed and their nature taken advantage of.
Leader No.1 direly needs to feel appreciated, busy with purpose and revels when importance weighs down on each shoulder. Considering that most genuine sangs that join TRC already know a decent amount of proper protocol, they normally do not know need a den parents to coddle them. Since the floodgates have opened No.1 has found importance though the outcasts of other VC discords. These outcasts have been silenced for reasons within their native EMW (VC) communities and No.1 is relishing in the attention and importance that the outcasts have bestowed on them, for allowing them to run rampant in a space that was not ready or willing to entertain them. Leaders need to understand when a change is set forth or changed through an emotional need, it affects those that are occupying the space currently. A good example of this is if you think of all of the members of TRC as organs inside a body. Should the mind, No.1, decide to eat unhealthily, the organs have to contend with the malnutrition that was consumed without their consent. The junk Food in this case are the EMW’s or any other irrational outcast. Considering there are precious few places for sangs to communicate. This makes the flesh walls of this imaginary body a prison. The organs (members) cannot just simply transplant themself into another, more healthy body.

Leader No.2 needs to feel as if they can still have an impact in the world and that they are not useless, but sometimes find themselves in a sea of helplessness. No.2 finds comfort in engaging in hyper sensitive support topics, when they themselves have not yet freed themselves from the undertow that sucked them out to sea.

Diplomacy ***
Efforts to offer to the public rational articles, media involvement, and improve relations with outside groups of the VC has been ongoing and productive. This year saw an initiative to mitigate the animosity, and apprehensions the VC held towards the MedSangs from the years of hostile debating. This was achieved by adjusting the public approach, no longer persistently debating, but rather taking a more neutral role in the public and responding to sang related issues primarily, and refocusing our efforts within the TRC. this has shown itself to been mostly successful with many axes being buried and constructive public relationships thriving.


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